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That is One. Cool. Dude. by Punkichi
Commission: artgeek21648 by Punkichi
Commission: Pilot-Obvious by Punkichi
Full color
One character per request (if you request twice and specify that they are to be in the same picture, I'll oblige)
Please provide reference in request
Full body
Hiiikary contest entry by Punkichi
K3Z4M contest entry by Punkichi
Contest Entry Rimuu by Punkichi
Contest Entry Cici88 by Punkichi
Full color
One character per request 
Please provide reference in request.
Missy R by Punkichi
=P by Punkichi
Dest by Punkichi
Shoulder-up points commission full-color.
Please provide reference in request.
One character per request!

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Punkichi has started a donation pool!
686 / 5,000
If commissions are too much, a small donation will help me out as well : ]

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For my own convenience and for some advertisement of their contests, here is a list of the contests I've entered
Draw my oc's contest | OpenWell hello Everyone! Since school is ending //thehappyness// and no school means more free time I decided to open a contest
Be sure to read everything before asking
✄ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
• Rules :
► Make a journal about this contest;
► Don't copy | trace | steal other's art;
► The entry must be uploaded on da;
► You can't change their outfits;
► Wathever style is accepted,pixel,digital,traditional etc;
► No hentai / +18 things / gore;
✄ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
• Characters :
► Andy (old design):

New design :

► Hiikary :

More info about them :
Edit Andy is a minecraft based characte

CREATE AN OUTFIT CONTEST. (OPEN DEADLINE DEC. 5th)ALRIGHT! I have a lot of points that I'm willing to get rid of so I thought, Why not a contest. <333
This contest will help me out with one of the main characters in Kazzle and I's comic we're making. I love this character but-- Outfits are very hard for me to make and I'm pretty picky for what he should be wearing. Sadly the only things I have to give to help with the character are headshots and a bit of a description.
The character that You'll be designing an outfit for is My oc Behellagh (otherwise known as Beth). He's Pride of the seven deadly sins, He's also Edrick's brother. He LOVES gold. He has Gold Bracelets that hang/cling onto his horns and i also wanted to have his outfit have something to do with chains.

(Some doodles to help with the idea of the character. lol)
He also has this Tattoo,

You can put it anywhere

Draw My OC Contest!07/30/15 Entry by Lucale-studio
As the title explains, it's a contest in which you draw my OC (in this case Nina) and get some prizes. 
Yes, I know it's unoriginal. Please bear with me ;w;
You will find references of Nina's design all throughout this journal and in this folder.- If you have any questions, please comment below and I will be happy to answer them. 


Pokemon Type.- Azumarill
Nature.- Brave
Move Set.- Belly Drum, Aqua Jet, Play Rough, Aqua Ring
Or.- Aqua Ring, Waterfall, Ice Punch, Giga Slam 
(There are currently two pokemon with diferent stats but the same name, treated as the same OC in this case)
Her ears can be either floppy or perky as they are up during battles, but please don't forget the tail ♥
1st Place
500Pink Points  from :iconmomokyarameru:

SUMMER CONTEST! 1000 pointsI'm hosting my first ever contest!!!  Karen Smile Icon 
DEADLINE: 1st October 2015
I have extended the deadline because of my current job and school situation. 


Bullet; Green You must create a character based on :iconZenithOmocha: 's OC Shindan Maker 
  OFFICIAL LINK: Shindan Maker
  OFFICIAL LINK: Shindan Maker
  OFFICIAL LINK: Shindan Maker
  OFFICIAL LINK: Shindan Maker
  OFFICIAL LINK: Shindan Maker
Bullet; Green

$200+ and Art in Prizes! - OC Drawing Contest!
Hello! It's been a while since I wanted to hold a contest and I finally have the fundscourage to do it :'D
Hope you're interested in entering and have fun with it!
This journal took me so long to get together and check all prizes and stuff. So hopefully I didn't messed up.
Hope you're interested in entering and have fun with it!

Some quick rules before I start:

 When you're done with your entry, please comment with a link here or send me a note. If you notice that it's been a few days since you uploaded it and I didn't add it to my favorite's folder, drop me a comment to make sure I didn't miss it.
 Art must be your own. No bases, tracing or claiming other people's work as your own please. However, you are allowed to enter with collab works giving the proper credit to every artist and splitting the prizes as you want.
• You can submit as many entries as you wish. There's no limit!

DRAW MY OCs [deadline 2015/9/1 - IMPORTANT UPDATE]EDIT: Because of someone asked me, YES! You can draw ONE or MORE characters together ^.^
EDIT3: Edit the journal to be more clear and correct about subject and prizes ^.^ 
EDIT 4: Bases are not allowed. You need to use your own style for the entry ^.^
EDIT5: Pixel are allowed as long as they are NOT an icon ^.^
EDIT6: Delayed deadline as for personal reason ^.^
EDIT7: Link with all the current entries added! ^.^
EDIT8: Forgot to add...THE MONEY PRIZES WILL BE TRANSFERRED BY PAYPAL! Sorry for not write before ^.^
EDIT9: IMPORTANT!!! dA just update the price of for a 12 months PM I would need to spend 4000 points instead of 2400. I really can't afford this. I will cut off the option of PM and leave the amount of points. Sorry for it, but really I can't update the prize to fit the new price of PM ç_ç


Draw my OCS contest (100$ worth of prizes):airborne: This is a draw my oc contest :airborne:
SUPER MAJOR EDIT:::???? So it has come to my attention that some users have been spreading around that this contest is fake. Im so sorry if thats what you thought. :( it makes me sad that people were probably actually scared that they wasted their time. Anyway, Its completely not true. The contest goes on and im hella excited over all the amazeball entries so far! 
IMPORTANT NEWS / EDIT !!! Please refer to my most recent journal about my absence here on deviantart! 
SUPER DUPER EDIT NEWS !!!! Due to my situation, the contest will be extended until August 13th (my lucky day). If enough people rally for it, i might consider extendeding it until August 31st, but we will certainly see. 
1. Be watching me
2. Favorite this journal
3. Extra points to you if you make a journal about this contest
4. Bases allowed only if a lot of detail and time has been put into it
5. DO NOT copy other artists work

Draw my OC contest! [$$$, POINTS, and MORE!]ENGLISH VERSION
 UPDATE: If anyone could advertise my contest, it would be of much help! Also NEW PRIZES ADDED!
It's been a while since I held another contest!
This will be my 3rd time hosting a Draw my OC contest! :heart:
I look forward to seeing all the beautiful and gorgeous entries!
O1. Draw one or more of my OC's. Drawing more does not guarantee that you'll place in the contest. Focus on quality vs. quantity!

There is a maximum of 3 entries you can submit! Any contest entries or drawings after the first three will NOT be accepted or counted.

Gemsona Contest! 2,245 Points in Prizes~ :D /OPENHello everyone!  Since I've been very behind on designing my gemsona, Kunzite, as well as lacking inspiration (pfft) I decided to host this contest~ Peridot~Durr... 
So far, I've only had time to draw an almost complete headshot of her:  
All you have to do to enter is draw her in any way!  However, the main reason I'm holding this contest is so I can work more on developing her design, so please be creative! ^-^
Of course I have my ideas for her, but I really want to see what you all can come up with (plus I'm an art noob :I).
-No bases, the art you submit must all be your own!
-While I do accept drawings of her with canon characters, please no OCs! 
There really aren't many limitations, so feel free to go all out! The X3 emoticon   Please directly comment on this journal the link to

Here are those I plan on entering:
OC Relations Contest [6000 points]The journal was quite old, so I decided to rewrite it and change it up a bit.
Firstly, I chose another journal skin
And I renamed the title. Gods, I was horrible at picking titles. This time it's called an "OC Relations" Contest.
I wouldn't have been able to keep pushing through with this contest if I didn't have so many donors. My heartiest thanks to everyone who donated!
Alright, let's start with the Contest Journal!
Everything that's important will have a blue box. Like this:
What this is an example w ahahha tI shall spill the information now.
The due date of this contest is September 24. This was when IHazWaffle, ProfessorAcuity and I met! (If we don't get at least 15 entries, I'll extend it to October 7, which is my birthday.)
Also, another side note. Ignore the links of the past journal. I'm going to be neater and make another journal for each OC featured.
So here's how to join the contest:
How to join:
-Watch me during the duration of this contest! I'd appreciate it if

MissDidichan OC contest - OPENWelcome in my contest for 1000 watchers!
Guys, I really love you so much! Thank you for all! <3 You support is so precious for me... I can't explain in words how much I'm grateful to you!
Yayoi Takatsuki + Mami Futami Emote - Hug
Now, let's explain how the contest works :D
Draw together my original characters, Luna and Christian, following this theme:
"a starry night"
Characters info
Basically, you can see their main features in the sheet.
You can draw them in the contest you prefer, in the pose you like more.
Clothes I used here are just an example, so feel free to draw what you want! I would really love to see different clothes on them! ;)
December 30th 2015, 9pm Italian time.
Deadline will be extended only if more than one person will ask for.

[OPEN] 2000 Points + Art :: Draw My OC Contest{ DEADLINE: OCTOBER 10, 2015 }
{ Hello everyone~ I finally have enough points to make a contest... Hhhhngh... ;v; }
{ So please support me on this one since it's my first official contest I don't know where to start... Ahhhnh... //ded }
{So all you precious bbys, if I screw anything up bc I probably will, please forgive me... }
+ R U L E S +

- Registration / How To Join -
{ Read this whole deviation. }
{ Add this journal to your favorites/collections. }
{ You can make a journal advertising this contest. It's not mandatory anymore//shot, but if you do, it will give you another entry in the mini raffle in the contest if you participate. >w< }
{ You're allowed to pick one couple/pair from the characters below. It should be either Kuro and Tsuna OR Miruhi and Kohiko per entry with or without the side characters. }
{ That's it, you're good to go! }

- General -
{ Be accurate in d
  • Mood: Cheerful


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Fun facts:
Can't swim
Hates blue with a passion
Can't actually play video games too well
I have an odd obsession with the color red

Q: What programs do you use to draw?

Q: What program do you use to animate?
A: Adobe Flash Pro CS6 and Easytoon 1.9.5

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