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August 13, 2012
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The winds were picking up. Pewdie took little notice as he ran back to the farm; laughing down the dirt road to a farm house he called home.
"Oh man Maya, did you see his face? He was totally flipping out!" He called to his little pug that trotted lazily behind him.
"I mean, he totally thought he was being all cool until I told him how he looked like he was from the 70's. Man, I don't think I'll ever forget it!" He was still laughing as he slowed to a stop in front of his uncle's farm gate.
He looked up at the farm house before opening the gate. It was a nice one, and it was a shame it was all the way out in the country, where it couldn't be seen. His uncle designed and built most of it himself, with the help of some workers. It was really amazing what people could do in a lifetime.
Sighing, he opened the gate, leaving it open. His aunt and uncle were still in town when he'd asked to come back. It had been a few miles, but he made it.
His eyes scanned the dry, grassy plains which seemed to stretch on forever. The only pretty thing in sight was the farm house, but even that was the same dreary brown as everything else was. He sprawled himself out on the brownish grass and looked up at the clouds. They were advancing at an alarming rate, but he paid no mind.
"Do you think there's anything beyond the boring country life?" He was addressing Maya, but she had gone in search of her food dish minutes before he'd said anything.
"I feel so trapped here. There's nothing to do but farm chores." He rolled on his side, sighing again, and fell asleep.
He woke up an hour later. A bit disoriented, he looked around.
"Why am I still outside?" He asked himself aloud. He must have been more tired from his walk than he thought. He looked around for Maya, who couldn't be found.
"Maya! Maya, come here!" He called. He looked up at the sky. It was much darker than when he had fallen asleep on the grass. The wind was worse than before, and there looked to be a swirling of a funnel cloud not too far from the farm.
"Maya, we need to get inside!" He called, but she could not be found. He checked the old barn to see if she was sleeping in the hay, but she was not there. He checked by the chicken coop, she wasn't there either.
"Maya you better not be somewhere really obvious or I'm gonna feel stupid!" He yelled over the moaning winds. They had become too loud for his ears, and he decided he'd better check the house before checking anywhere else.
"Maya, come out from wherever you are! We need to get into the storm cellar. I think there's a tornado coming!" By that time he was panicking. Where was his precious baby? He stomped around the house, checking under the beds and tables.
"Maya come here right this second!" He screeched. He looked outside his window to see the funnel cloud halfway down to the ground. With his nerves elevated he ran out onto the porch, calling for Maya.
"Maya! Maya come here!" He whistled for her, but his calls were lost in the winds. Suddenly he had an idea of where she could be, and hoped he was right.
"You better be under the porch, Maya, or else I am going to have to leave you out here!" He yelled. He quickly stepped off the porch and crouched under, hopes almost lost until he saw Maya's face pop up from behind a branch. He heaved a sigh of relief.
"Maya, come here, daddy needs you to come inside." He beckoned. She came without difficulty but was shaking terribly.
"It's okay baby, daddy has you." His relief was short-lived as he looked again to his left.
The tornado had hit the ground and was getting closer with every second. Pewdie stepped cautiously into the house, finding it difficult to walk properly with the strong wind. Once inside he ran into the living room, lifting an old rug from the middle of the floor. It revealed a door that would lead to the storm cellar, their safety. There was no handle, but a piece of wood looked to be cut out so a hand could fit and lift the door with ease.
Unfortunately ease was not an element that went into the making of the cellar door. In fact, the door was so heavy that Pewdie could not lift it an inch. The wind was howling even louder than before and he knew he had to be quick if he wanted to be safe, but the door would not budge.
"Maya I sure wish you could be helping right now." He grunted, struggling to open the door. Just as he thought he was about to open it, there was a great rumbling from just under the floorboards, causing Pewdie to let go of the door quite suddenly, throwing him back a few feet. He fell to the floor, but before reaching the wooden surface he hit the back of his head on the edge of a coffee table. Before his consciousness faded he turned his head to the side, looking out the window. He could no longer see out of it with the debris spinning around, but he had a dreadful feeling at that moment that he was up in the cyclone itself. He closed his eyes, not having strength to keep them open, and passed out.
It's short, I know. I may have an illustration up about it tomorrow. For the moment it will stay as just text.

Do you like it? Any suggestions? Let me know.

First: here
Next: [link]

Character designs:
Those are it for now. The bros will be the flying monkeys and the munchkins will be pewdie fans.
In this fic, Pewdie is a teenager. Please no bashing for it, because I did ask if you guys wanted him to be.

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